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What is Digtal Marketing?

Digital marketing is marketing technique involves the use of digital mediums such as Internet & wireless for creating Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty for a brand, product or service.

 Everybody is a digital marketer who uses mobile phones.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Constituents of Digital Marketing

Traffic Acquisition Channels

1. Search Engine

2. Social Media

3. Email Marketing

4. Display Advertising

5. Affiliate Marketing

Supporting Channels

1. Mobile Marketing

2. Websites

3. Analytics


Search Engine is a database or website which contains links to all web pages on the internet which help in search of information.

80% of internet users agreed that they prefer to use a search engine before making a purchase.

10 Search Engine

1. Google

2. Bing

3. Yahoo



6. Baidu

7. WolframAlpha

8. Duck Duck Go

9. Internet Archive

10. Yandex.ra

2. Social Media

Social Media involves the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information, ideas, and media in virtual communication and networks.

 Social Media Marketing Does not involve "Direct


 Social Media is not a channel where you will go out and start running your banners ads to say Please buy to product.

 The aim being on social media is Socializing, i.e Getting People into Conversation.

3)Email Marketing

Email Marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email.

Why Email Marketing?

Flexible: Email can be used at every stage of marketing i.e. Awareness, Consideration, Interest, and retention.

Cheap: Sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of marketing communication

Personalized: Email lets you deliver your message to the people in a personalized way with their names and into the inbox

Easy-to-track: You can easily measure results and user activity on in a personalized way with their names and into the inbox

Scheduling: You can easily schedule your emails on based on calendar or any specific user activity or triggers such as a birthday or other events.

Display Advertising

 Display advertising involves creating and running banner ads across a different website.

 Its best channel for those who want to generate higher visibility resulting in greater audience reach and building.

4)Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate promote product, service or website of other businesses and make a commission out of it by sending traffic & buyers to them.

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